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Putting My Best Face Forward

2 Jan

Foundation and Concealer

I’ve tried lots of high end foundations and none of them were quite right for me. They were either not enough coverage, not long lasting enough or the wrong color (mostly the wrong color). Funny enough my current favorite face products have been drugstore with the exception of the concealer (MAC Pro Longwear). I’ve been using the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation that just came out set with the Covergirl powder for sensitive skin. The color is right and it lasts all day looking great and not sinking into lines. I hope it sticks around forever, I wouldn’t want to spend more on foundation after finding such a good one at the drugstore. I can be a bit of a makeup snob but when it’s a good product it’s a good product.

The powder is just alright, I like it because it provides some coverage but doesn’t get cakey. I apply it with a MAC sponge since I didn’t like the puff thing it came with. I could actually probably get away with wearing the foundation on it’s own without powder but I am too paranoid to do so.

I love the consistency of the foundation. It’s thick enough to cover blemishes and really perfect my skin but is creamy and not at all cakey…I also don’t feel like I look like a mannequin in it, it shows just enough of my natural skin to make me look human and I can always dab a little bit more on blemishes to pretty much completely cover them.

Of course under my eyes I have a lot of natural creases as well as a strange effect where it gets a bit greasy there through the day so I can’t rely on the foundation alone…I need to use a somewhat dry and thin long wearing concealer, which is where the MAC Pro Longwear concealer comes into play. It lasts all day anywhere I want it (although I primarily use it under my eyes) without creasing or fading and providing the coverage I need for my pretty intense dark circles. It’s not dry, it doesn’t make my skin tight, but it is mattifying enough to last through the day. Love it. Hate the packaging though…I have to squirt some in a sample jar and use it from there.

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